Danyal S.

"Wimberly Training is awesome! If you want results from someone who will support you every step of the way and push you further than you thought possible, then this is the place!"

Taber F.






Dawn H.

“I wanted to look better and feel better about my body. I play a lot of sports, but my body wasn’t looking in shape. My parents signed me up for workouts at Wimberly Training and a nutrition course with Katie. I noticed a real change in my body by following her plan. I changed what I was eating, not eating less like a diet. I also learned what to eat to have energy during my sports. At our first meeting Katie asked me what my goals were and we wrote them down. When I was done with my session I had reached my goal and more. I feel better about my body and my body feels better. I still eat like that and work out at Wimberly Training. I feel great!!! I’m so happy with everything! Katie is an awesome person and really cares about people! Thank you so much!”

"Both of our kids just started going to group trainings and both love it. I'm so impressed that they were willing to put together a group for younger girls. I'm so happy and my daughter was so excited and motivated after her first session. This is a great place! Check it out they have a lot to offer and truly care and will help!"

Lorna S.



Abby M.

"They care about me and my needs. Willing to push me, listen to me and help me to better health. I am hooked! You should try them out!"

“I’ve recently been working with Katie to better my fitness goals through nutrition. Before coming to her I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what to eat before and after a workout and even on my days off, but what I’ve learned that is super important is that not all calories are created equal, and that certain foods energize people in different ways. I would recommend anyone visit Katie, whether you are training for a specific sport, trying to lose weight, or trying to better yourself in every day life.”